The Liebster Blog Award

liebsterblogaward_zps086b9333 In the past couple of weeks I have been nominated for 3 Liebster Blog Awards by  Brin’s Book Blog, A World of Books, and Katarina the Cat. I would like to thank all of these wonderful bloggers, for thinking of and nominating me. I am so glad that you enjoy my blog.

The Liebster Blog Award is typically given to blogs that have fewer than 300 followers and is an opportunity for people to learn a little bit more about these blogs. So here it goes :)

Here are the rules:

  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you.
  • Ask 11 new questions to 9 bloggers with less than 200 followers. You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you.
  • Go to their blog and tell them that they have been nominated!

11 Facts About Me:

  1.  I am in my mid (almost late– ick) twenties, but I still enjoy reading and writing YA.
  2. I went to college to be an English teacher and then went back for my masters in Literacy Education, but with the direction teaching is taking in this neck of the woods, I have decided to use my degree in other ways.
  3. I am currently working on the second draft of my first completed novel. It’s going slowly, but I am so happy and proud of myself for making it this far.
  4. I love to crochet (kind of like how an old lady crochets, actually). I sell the things that I make at craft shows and such during craft show seasons, but right now am just making things for myself, my friends, and family.
  5. I live in a town where it snows from November (sometimes late Oct) through March (sometimes into April). But our springs, summers, and autumns (while they might seem incredibly short) are beautiful.
  6. The first book that I can honestly say I fell in love with is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
  7. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy the geeky things in life. I am a huge Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and SG1 fan (among others).
  8. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years. For the past two, we have been renovating and fixing up the house we live in. It’s been an adventure for sure.
  9. I am hoping to take up gardening as a new hobby this summer and hope to start planting seeds (indoors of course— it’s still winter here) very soon.
  10. My biggest dream is to be a successful, published author who writes for both teenagers and adults.
  11. I am addicted to Cadbury Mini-Eggs.

11 Questions from Brin (in blue) with my answers:

  1. Why did you start blogging? — I began blogging as a way to talk to other people about one of my favorite things, books and meet people/make friends based on common interests. I had a personal Livejournal way back in the day (highschool and college) but I thought it would be very fun to blog about one of my passions in life.
  2. What would your superhero power be?— I suck at this question!!!
  3. Who would you like to play you in a movie about your life?— Scarlett Johansson because she is an amazingly talented actress and she is incredibly gorgeous. She and I look nothing alike (except for when she has curly, red hair in some of her films) but I would like for her to play me.
  4. What is your favourite book?– I have so many favorite books, but The Book Thief by Markus Zusak takes the cake. It has such a unique perspective, has characters that you can genuinely care about, and is beautifully written.
  5. Who is your fictional hero?— In books, Hermione Granger. She is brilliant. In television, The Doctor.
  6. Who is your favourite band/singer?— My favorite band is Coheed and Cambria. I have seen them three times in concert and they are simply amazing. My favorite singer is Jason Mraz. While I prefer his older music, I think he is a super talented musician and a wonderful human being. That and his voice makes me melt into a puddle of Amanda on the floor.
  7. Have you ever done something really daring (like sky-diving, bungee-jumping etc.)? Unfortunately, no. I’m really not that exciting. I would if ever presented with the opportunity (if it was safe, of course).
  8. What is your favourite television series?— I have a lot of tv shows that I love. My favorites would have to be Doctor Who, Haven, and The Vampire Diaries.
  9. What is your biggest pet peeve?— Bookish?? When people don’t return books that I have lent them. General??? When people leave their dirty dishes all over the house.
  10. What is your favourite colour?— Purple and teal. They are just so beautiful and relaxing and come in so many shades.
  11. Do you have a celebrity crush?— Of course I do!  David Tennant is one of them, but I also love Rupert Grint and Ian Somerhalder. Oh yeah, and Jensen Ackles… the list is quite long, actually

Questions from BookGeeking at A World of Books (in purple) with my answers:

  1. What fictional character would you most like to meet? From books, I would love to meet Atticus Finch or Minerva McGonagall, I’d like to have a drink with those two. From movies or tv, The Doctor and River Song.
  2. What is your favorite fantasy race to read about? Or if you don’t read fantasy, which race do you like the idea of least? I love reading about elves, faeries, ghosts, etc. I read a lot of paranormal-type books, so usually the ones that are included in those.
  3. What is your favorite kind of music and which artist is your favorite? My taste in music is pretty much all over the place. My favorite band is Coheed and Cambria and my favorite singer is Jason Mraz.
  4. Do you have any book geeky friends you can chat to, or is that one of the joys of blogging for you? I have a couple of book geeky friends that I can chat with. My friend Tracy is my favorite person to get all geeky about books with. I am going to visit her in a couple of weeks and we are planning a weekend full of book geekery. That is also one of the joys of blogging for me, though. You can never have too many book geeky friends.
  5. What is your dream job? My dream job would be to write novels for a living.
  6. If it was possible to survive without food, as in it was only a luxury, if you had to give up food or books, which would you give up? If I didn’t need food, I would totally choose books. They are just as much a necessity in my life as food is.
  7. When rereading a favorite book of yours, is there any part you skip over because e you don’t like it or find it boring? Not usually. I might quickly skim through some sections, but I try not to skip them altogether.
  8. Which book was the one that made you find the magic of reading? I’ve always loved to read, but Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone did me in for life.
  9. If you could have an animal (real or fictional) as a pet, which one would it be? I would love a giraffe for a pet, or an elephant that got no bigger than a puppy, or a hippogriff… I would like all three, I can’t just choose one.
  10. Which book that is not one you usually read are you wanting to read, or have read recently? I don’t read much contemporary YA, but I really want to read Anna and the French Kiss.
  11. I am running out of ideas, sorry. Coffee or tea? Both!!!

Questions from Katarina the Kat (in red) with my answers:

  1. How long have you been blogging for? I have been blogging at  Amanda’s Nose in a Book since June of 2013, but I had a personal blog for years before that.
  2. Do you use a schedule when blogging or is all completely random? I try to use a schedule. I try to post at least 5 days a week, but sometimes I will miss a day here and there.
  3. What are your goals this year? (Bookish and non-bookish) I would like to read 50 books this year and I want to finish the revisions on my NaNoWriMo novel.
  4. Had you heard of this award before now? I head of the Liebster Award when another blogger friend of mine nominated me a couple of weeks ago. Before then I had never heard of it!
  5. What book has made the biggest impact on your life? This is a hard question. I think that the Harry Potter series has really made a huge impact on my life. It made me want to read more book series and made my imagination go wild. It also made me want to write books for teenagers and adults!
  6. Do you think that the social media side of things is an important part of blogging? I have a facebook page for my blog (that I don’t use much anymore, even though I should) and a twitter account that I use for both blogging and personal things. I think it’s an important way to help you get your stuff out there and is a great way to meet new people and bloggers!
  7. How long does it usually take you to read a book? Depends on the length of the book and how much free time I have. Sometimes I can read a book in one sitting, sometimes it takes multiple days.
  8. What is/was your favourite subject in High School? English, journalism, and Spanish.
  9. Do you have any pets? I have a (nearly) 10 year old parakeet. She’s an interesting character, that’s for sure.
  10. Is there a snack or drink that you like to have while you’re reading? I love hot tea or cocoa in the winter and cold tea or lemonade in the summer.
  11. What is your favourite type of post to write? Right now, I really love writing posts (reviews or discussions about bookish topics) that people respond to and start a conversation with me over. Some kinds of posts are stuffy and people don’t respond well too… I’ve been trying to steer away from those lately.

11 Questions for my fellow bloggers:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is the first book you can honestly say that you fell in love with?
  3. Other than reading and blogging, what are your hobbies?
  4. What are your guilty pleasures (books/tv shows/movies)?
  5. If you could switch places with any fictional character, who would you choose?
  6. Do you have any other blogs? If so, what do you blog about? If not, what would you blog about if you had another one?
  7. What are your top 3 favorite television shows of all time?
  8. If you won a free vacation to any place of your choosing, where would you go?
  9. If you could only bring 3 books with you on that vacation, which ones would you choose?
  10. Who is your favorite band or singer?
  11. Why do you think they want us to ask an odd number of questions?

I nominate:

Ode to Jo and Katniss


Luna’s Little Library


Nadia Reads

The Book Lovers

Overflowing Bookshelves

Hot Tea and a Good Book

Catch Kelly’s Fancy

9 thoughts on “The Liebster Blog Award

  1. Kate @ whYAnot says:

    I think it’s very cool that you and the boyfriend are renovators. I’ve always been too scared that something will go wrong that I live in a place I’m not happy with. And you crochet too! I started recently – making baby blankets for my soon to be nieces. It’s fun although i’m still learning and end up having to undo and redo most of my stitches.

    Congratulations on the Liebster awards! And best of luck achieving your goal of being a published author!

    • amandasnoseinabook says:

      Thank you so much Kate!

      Matt and I kind of lucked into the house we are living in now. The last people who lived here trashed the place and we have been fixing it up in lieu of paying rent, which goes towards us eventually owning it! We have been able to do pretty much anything we want with the place, which is awesome.

      And crocheting is an amazing hobby that is so relaxing. I learned through watching YouTube videos… Where would we be without YouTube?

  2. acps927 says:

    Thanks for thinking of me! I got this award a while ago so I won’t be doing the post and all that, but I really appreciate it! :)

    Cadberry mini-eggs, yum! :)

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